One in five women experience a mental health or substance use disorder in pregnancy or postpartum.

Despite routine contact with medical providers, most pregnant and postpartum women with depression go unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated. Lack of treatment can lead to devastating effects on birthing individuals, infants and families. 

Coming Soon, the ACCESS Mental Health for Moms team will offer monthly mental health and substance use focused trainings to perinatal practitioners. Check out our pre-recorded webinars:

Overview of perinatal mental health

Screening for Substance Use in Pregnancy 5-Part Training Series

A Family Care Plan is a helpful checklist for you and your patient to create together to help identify services and resources needed to support your patient’s ongoing health, development, safety and well-being. The plan should include services that will address your patient’s physical, social and emotional health. Check out SEPI CT for more information about Family Care Plans including a helpful “how to” video and Family Care Plan templates.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medication, and other Substance use (TAPS) Screening Tool:

4Ps Screening Tool:

5Ps Screening Tool:

SURP-P Screening Tool:;!!IZ3lH8c!2bOIjgmt6hPwSXUqfILiTOhkkiNKtDjAjddz6VmGFUXdslF_TaKWLxfPeft6RX5fQTZoKcvxZkc0gQMhtF3RsLcJmM12-kBGA-kWZv7Y$

CRAFFT Manual:

PROUD educational series    

Additionally, check out the Parents Recovering from Opioid Use Disorder (PROUD) educational series. Whether it’s managing the withdrawal symptoms of an infant exposed to opioids before birth, understanding how prescribing practices influence misuse and recovery, or identifying different biases providers manifest in interactions with these families, this educational series has many strategies for helping families succeed and thrive.

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