Parenting Resources

Healthy development resources

CT Sparkler  

CT Sparkler is an application for your phone that helps to check in on how your child is doing against key milestones and provides FUN do-together activities that you can play with your 0–5-year-old to spark their growing heart, mind and body!   

Home Visiting Programs 

Home visiting programs help to improve the health of young children by providing support and services for them and their families — right in their own homes. 

COVID-19 resources

Keeping Your New Baby Safe During COVID-19  

Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood created a great resource sheet to help you keep your new baby safe during COVID-19. 

Perinatal loss resources

One in four women experience a pregnancy or infant loss in their lifetime. You and your family are not alone.   

Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
833-978-MOMS (6667)
Funded by the CT Department of
Mental Health and Addiction Services
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