Who We Are:

The ACCESS Mental Health for Youth program consists of expert pediatric psychiatry consultation teams located throughout the state of Connecticut to help PCPs meet the needs of children and adolescents with mental health problems. Each Hub consultation team includes a child and adolescent psychiatrist(s), behavioral health clinician(s), program coordinator and a family peer specialist.


Consultations result in one of the following outcomes depending on the needs of the child and their family:

  1. An answer to the PCP’s question
  2. Referral to the team’s program coordinator or family peer specialist to assist the family in accessing local behavioral health services
  3. Referral to the team’s behavioral health clinician to provide transitional (interim) face-to-face or telephonic support to the child and family
  4. Referral to the team’s child psychiatrist for a face-to-face diagnostic evaluation or psychopharmacological consultation

Contact Us:

Oversight of the ACCESS Mental Health program is provided by the Central Administrative team at Carelon Behavioral Health.  Any questions regarding the statewide program can be directed to: Elizabeth Garrigan, LPC ~  Statewide Program Director, ACCESS Mental Health CT ~  Carelon Behavioral Health ~  500 Enterprise Drive, Suite 3D ~  Rocky Hill, CT 06067 ~  860-263-2095 ~  elizabeth.garrigan@carelon.com